The Twilight Sad

Tully Rohrer

January 30th, 2007

Taken the same night as the UFO photo. As far as my photos are concerned, I find this one to be below average across the board, except for those few white pixels. That is the planet Venus, visible these days as the brightest object in the sky right around sunset. Astronomy is cool.

I think the biggest roadblock to the development of my photography is my fascination with shooting and inability to shoot people. Pretty much any photo I take seems more interesting when there is a human subject, yet I am far too embarrassed to ask someone to pose or even to wait while I compose or adjust the lighting. Hence, the human subject of a lot of my photos ends up being me even though I would like the photo infinitely more were it someone else. It takes such an odd brand of confidence to be able to ask someone to be your photographic subject. I guess it’s also a concern of mine that the photo I take will turn out poorly, thus resulting in disappointing my “model”. At least I, as my subject, know that 95+ percent of the photos I take are throwaways. This frustration, of course, is exacerbated when I see friends of mine doing such an amazing job of capturing their models (not, for the record, that I think I’m anywhere near as good a photographer as Eric). Eric does such a great job of presenting his portraits…

Anyway, my song of the day is from The Twilight Sad. A Scottish indie rock band, they excel at creating a feeling of space from their sound, and manage to use distortion and volume to make that space come crashing in around the listener. The song And She Would Darken the Memory is a perfect example. Shimmering guitars create the space, and pounding drums, distortion, and vocalist James Graham’s desperate yells demolish it. Beautifully cacophonous.

For the record, I love this photo. The transition between the warm colors of the fire to the colder ones of the night sky is gorgeous. I especially love that Venus is the only thing you can see in the sky. Also, I can’t imagine anyone being anything other than flattered by your asking to take their photo, but ones of you are pretty too.

Annie — January 30th, 2007

I think you forget that everyone likes their photo taken and are usually flattered by the attention. Maybe a telephoto lens would help give them (and you) more space to be comfortable. I don’t know why you keep apologizing for your great photos! Keep them coming!

Derek J — January 30th, 2007

Start with little kids… they won’t put pressure on you, their not insecure yet, and they tend to LOVE getting their picture taken. You’re mui handsome, hermano, but the kiddos will provide some variety. It’s all in the eyes.

An Anonymous Viewer — January 30th, 2007

i really like this photo because its so different. since i’ve started shooting i’ve found it difficult to break out of the mold i’ve already gotten myself into.
i also like the star/composition quite a bit it looks like some sort of cover really, not an album, maybe a book or something. but it looks like youre going to tell a tall tale. perhaps one about a killer whale attack on a boat???

v — January 30th, 2007

i miss the desert.

reilly — February 18th, 2007


YASMINE — May 25th, 2007

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