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November 30th, 2006

This is the one animal in the world that I think is cooler than an octopus. This is my triumphantly regal best friend, Cody, gazing out at the Colorado sunset behind my parents’ house. She actually picked our family by following me around when we went to the breeder to choose a Jack Russell over 13 years ago. Since then she’s been, well, the best dog ever and has even given us eleven puppies, one of whom we still have and is my dad’s best friend, Hobson. As far as the image is concerned, this is straight from the camera save for a brightness/contrast adjustment… I also like the black and white version, but who is seriously going to choose monochrome over those blues and oranges?

So, this year has passed by pretty quickly, eh? I have only 16 posts left before we bring in 2007, which means it is time to start counting down my favorite songs of 2006 (only one song per band though, for variety’s sake). On December 30th I will post the final list with links so you can make your own 2006 playlist, should you be so inclined.

Starting us off at #16 is yet another fantastic indie band from Canada by the name of Islands. Ex-Unicorns songwriter Nick Diamonds put together a very impressive album in Return to the Sea, and it’s strongest track is Rough Gem. Rough Gem is either clever or charmingly cheesy in its wordplay, depending on how generous you feel, as the title is a pun on the songwriter’s last name (Diamonds). Either way you feel about the pun, you can’t escape the pleasant string intro and captivating melodies. All of Return to the Sea is rewarding, and in a much happier, more effervescent way than suits most of my musical tastes.

Favorites of 2006:
#16: Islands - Rough Gem

Fantastic image. This is really stunning.

dawnNovember 30th, 2006

Although you have done virtually no post-processing it still looks very … plastic.
Which is _not_ a bad thing ;-)
Beautifull picture!

HerasNovember 30th, 2006

so when i saw this i thought it was one of the stuffed animals you have around catalina and that you put it on a cliff and took a picture.. and then i thought of scrubs. so i liked that.
THEN i read the description and liked it even more because i like when owners love their pets.

talya — November 30th, 2006

I completely agree with talya. I thought the dog was fake until I remembered that Tully has dogs that look like that. And I also thought of scrubs. Amazing picture. I love that you made the dog look so still when all we usually see are little dogs scurrying. beautiful colors.

Becky — November 30th, 2006

Cody looks as regal as ever. I have no doubt that she will happily adjust to life in Colorado. Give her a hug for me. Hobson too. Love the picture.

Abbey — December 1st, 2006

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