Tully Rohrer

February 13th, 2007

I stayed up 2 hours later than I normally do trying to process a different image, then scrapped it and processed this one in 3 minutes. I will give my most sincere kudos to anyone who can guess what this is.

It’s a good music blogging day. First off, watch this video. It’s a song called “Ongoing Horrible” by Maps & Atlases, a band that has yet to drop a debut album, but one I could certainly foresee making quite a bit of noise when they do. The sounds he manages to get out of that guitar using such an unorthodox technique… well, it’s clearly amazing.
And for the song of the day: Rob Crow - Up. Pinback’s frontman goes solo. Still sounds like Pinback, but that’s fine by me.

funny and puzzling texture! could be a photo taken from a plane but i guess it s a piece of wood?!

elaineFebruary 13th, 2007

its a rock…from the desert. wind blown.
OR its a rock from the ocean that had clams living in it at one time.
what exactly does kudos entail?

mego — February 13th, 2007

I say that it’s a picture of a piece of wood with nail holes with the color inverted…maybe.

Johnny — February 13th, 2007

Perhaps it’s a piece of driftwood. Although, that’s a lot of holes for driftwood… I’m stumped. Interesting picture though.

alex m — February 13th, 2007

i will agree with mego, though narrow my guess down to desert rock..notice however that i only made one guess (HA, mego!, whoever you are) i believe that kudos is coming my way.
I’ll also point out that you made a SICK pun with the phrases ’dropping’ and ’make some noise.’ puns are a lost art and not used often enough in mocking things, i’ll point out.
when do i collect my monies?

franklin, my man — February 13th, 2007

I’m thinking this is probably a rock that was once at the bottom of a creek or river. I’ve seen rocks similar to this up in King’s Canyon that are worn and holy from the years and years of water running over/around them. Pretty cool picture, whatever it is. =)

Krislyn — February 13th, 2007

………or it’s a piece of wood that has been infested with termites.

Krislyn — February 13th, 2007

tree bark

An Anonymous Viewer — February 15th, 2007

The kudos go to MegO, despite the desperate pleas from Franklin. It is indeed an eroded rock in the Canyonlands. I liked this photo mostly for its optical illusion - you can imagine the light coming from either the bottom left or the top right… and then the texture of the photo changes. Thanks to everyone for the responses!

TullyDecember 16th, 2007

Wonderful texture.

CerstinJune 18th, 2008

Awesome texture!

BryanJune 19th, 2008

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