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Tully Rohrer

April 12th, 2007

I’m psyched about today’s post: great image and song.

This is my friend and coworker Kelly. She has incredible eyes - brilliant in color with white streaks that beg you stare into them. Well, I guess you can see that much. This picture captures them pretty well - I’d still venture to say they’re better looking in real life than in this image.

Today’s Song of the Day is a doozy. If you’ve been keeping up with OpticDistraction over the last few months, you may remember that St.Vincent’s Paris is Burning was one of my favorite songs of 2006. Well, Annie Clark has now put together a full album of material titled Marry Me, which is due July 10th. But fortunately for us, her label, Beggars Banquet (which is also home to The National), has released the opening track, and it is stunning. I can’t tell you how highly recommended this track is.

Song of the Day: St. Vincent - Now. Now.
The choirs, shimmering harmonics, beautiful harmonies, pulsing beats, pounding drums and sweeping strings will hypnotize you, and her sassy soprano will seal the deal. Download it!

It looks like you had an amazing subject to work with!

Annie — April 12th, 2007

Are you kidding me? That’s what her eyes really look like? I officially do not believe you. That is a beautiful shot. Her eye looks like one of those glass balls at the science museum that you put your hand on and all the electric currents of light run to where your hand is. Only its more awesome and fabulous looking in your photo. Really amazing picture Tulls. And eyes, Kelly.

Becky — April 12th, 2007

I love the pupil shot… Blue eyed woman…

An Anonymous Viewer — September 28th, 2007

Great green eye…

An Anonymous Viewer — October 3rd, 2007

really really nice eyes..however, i’d like to see more of the eye and less of the face..

DezzaOctober 30th, 2007

I would actually agree with you, Dezza… but I shot this with a 50mm lens, so unless I wanted to make Kelly feel much more uncomfortable, I would have had to be right in her face. That said, I think your comment is very accurate.

TullyDecember 16th, 2007

her eye has mesmerized me, and i just can’t stop looking into it. well, not now, of course, because i had to scroll down to comment it. it looks like you could step inside to lead into a new world. like a portal. yeah…

YASMINE — January 26th, 2008

The color of the eye makes me think she is looking at the matrix, it has the same color!

ClausAugust 8th, 2008

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