Born to Gaze Into Night Skies

Tully Rohrer

January 26th, 2007

I joined the coterie of last season’s new staff on a backpacking journey for the last two days. We hiked all the way across the island, from Toyon Bay to Ben Weston beach, to camp out and enjoy some time away from the Institute. We enjoyed a campfire and some laughter before I took a walk to take a few pictures, this image being one of the results. This is looking north-northwest from Ben Weston beach, and it’s pretty evident by the color gradient in which direction Los Angeles lies.

It was a great week for new music with releases by Of Montreal, Menomena, and The Shins. Now, I am not afraid to admit mistakes, and I predicted that the new Shins album would be fantastic. Unfortunately, I was wrong, but at least a few songs on the album are great. Australia would fit right in on Chutes Too Narrow, but adds some banjo for good measure (which is becoming a new indie staple, it would seem). So, yes, The Shins did not make another mind-blowing album, but the allure of the songwriting is not all lost.

A new song from Andrew Bird’s upcoming album, Armchair Apocrypha is making the rounds on the almighty interweb. Heretics is yet another beautiful offering from my favorite songwriter of the past year or more, and hints at more brilliance to come. Driven by drums and guitar, with his amazing violin pushed back in the mix to an accompaniment role, Heretics makes it clear that Bird’s new album will be one of the best releases of the year. Brilliant!!!

Beautiful image, and I love me some Andrew Bird!

Annie — January 26th, 2007

this may be craziness, but do you notice the faint line diagonaly droping from the rock to the horizon? so this looks like it would be a satelite or something right? but notice that closer to the horizon it takes a sudden turn? curious how that would be. wonder if its a satelite chaning paths? can they do that?

v — January 26th, 2007

i think its too sharp for a plane. seems shifty at best…i dont think we can discount alien activity. you may have revealed something here.

roswellian — January 26th, 2007

responses to this photo should be more gushing as it is a wonderful landscape of the sort that appear in dreams and movies.

krump — January 26th, 2007

…and werewolf hauntings.

v — January 26th, 2007

nice image, i could feel the cool rain on my skin.

reilly — February 18th, 2007

great image! i’ve been disappointed by the shins and of montreal, but blown away by the menomena album. every song is a gem.

JeremyFebruary 25th, 2007

tully from toyon?! i cried the whole way home from catalina because i missed you so much tully!

YASMINE — May 25th, 2007

could very well be a plane circling around to the LA or Long Beach airports… hard to tell. I did notice that, but hadn’t thought about it…

TullyDecember 16th, 2007

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